The Financial Risks International Forum is an International Research Forum for academics and professionals organised by Institut Louis Bachelier.

The 15th edition of the forum will take place in Paris on March 21st-22nd, 2022, with a key focus on the theme of Climate Risk and Green Transition. 

The event aims to highlight the methodo­logical and regulatory challenges raised by the ongoing developments in financial technologies.

We invite academics, professionals and regulators to submit research papers for this event, as per the submission process outlined below.


Climate change is one of the key challenges of our time. Addressing climate change and transitioning the world’s economy to a low-carbon path will require support from the financial sector through energy and infrastructure investments, the creation of new financial products and insurance solutions. It will also require the development of new models to assess the interactions between climate and the economy, the measurement of climate physical / transition risk and its incorporation into asset prices, the assessment of investors’ attitudes and beliefs towards these risks. Finally, financial institutions are interconnected and climate change is posing a serious threat to financial stability. Central banks and regulators are requesting financial institutions to disclose their climate risk exposure and have started to design scenarios for climate stress tests.

We welcome the submission of research papers on the following and other relevant topics:
● Climate risk assessment and management
● Carbon trading, carbon tax, internal cost of carbon
● Regulation, climate-aligned central bank tools, climate stress tests, long
run predictions, scenario analysis, complex systems, cascading climate risk
● Adaptation, stranded assets, transition to zero carbon economies, just
● Climate data, ESG ratings, taxonomy, disclosure, reporting standards
● ESG preferences and beliefs
● Agency, governance and incentive problems, investors’ engagement
● Investment strategies, climate risk factors, funds’ exposure to climate risk
● Extreme weather risk, real estate and commodities exposure to climate
● Green techs, new data, financial innovations
● Other environmental risks: biodiversity, air pollution, water etc. 


Complete papers in PDF format should be submitted electronically, by
January 3rd, 2022, using the 
submission form below.

The results of the selection procedure will be announced by
mid-January 2022.




Chairwoman: Marie BRIERE, Amundi, Paris-Dauphine University and Université Libre de Bruxelles
- Frédéric ABERGEL, Ecole Centrale Paris
- Jean-François BOULIER, Af2i
- Laurent CLERC, ACPR Banque de France
- Rama CONT, University of Oxford & Institute for New Economic Thinking
- Raphaël DOUADY, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, CNRS and Riskdata
- Darrell DUFFIE, Stanford University
- Nicole EL KAROUI, Pierre et Marie Curie University
- Christian GOURIEROUX, Toronto University
- Roger GUESNERIE, Collège de France
- Alexander HERBERTSSON, Göteborg University
- Monique JEANBLANC, LaMME Evry University
- Jean-Paul LAURENT, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University
- Guillaume PLANTIN, SciencesPo Paris
- Jean-Charles ROCHET, Toulouse School of Economics, Geneva University
- Olivier SCAILLET, Geneva University
- Bertrand VILLENEUVE, PSL Paris-Dauphine University


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